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Comic Crate® is the only parent-selected, kid-approved comic book subscription box.

All Ages

Comic Subscription

Simple artwork & language.

Examples: Marvel Action, Sonic, Star Wars Adventures,


Comic Subscription

Detailed artwork, intermediate
language, superhero violence.

Examples: Batman,
Power Rangers, Fantastic Four


Comic Subscription

Detailed artwork, intermediate
language, violence.

Examples: Avengers, X-Men, Justice League, Wonder Woman

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How It Works

Here’s how the Comic Crate plans work. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Pick Your Plan

Pick a plan to open a world of adventure. Select from our All Ages, Teen, or Teen+ plans to get started. Browse our plans to see examples of each different type of comic!

Watch the Joy!

Kids of all ages love getting a Comic Crate. Whether you’ve purchased a Comic Crate subscription for your own children or as a gift, you can be sure that the hand-selected comics will help  instill a love of reading and transport them to exciting new worlds.

Send a Response

A response postcard is included in every Comic Crate, so kids can tell us what they loved and what they didn’t. Every month, we’ll work to tailor the comics to their responses. That way, Comic Crate grows and learns with your kid!

Give it as a gift!

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents and more are bringing joy to kids everyday by sending them Comic Crate as a gift.

Subscription Plans

Check out our available plans below! We’re confident we have a perfect plan for your favorite reader.

What's in an All Ages Comic Crate?

An All-Ages Comic Crate features comics with simple artwork and language. Examples of All Ages comics include Marvel Action, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars Adventures, and Disney.

This is a sample panel from Star Wars Adventures, which is an All Ages comic book.

What's in a Teen Comic Crate?

A Teen Comic Crate has comics with detailed artwork, intermediate language, and superhero violence (no profanity or nudity). Examples of Teen comics include Batman, Aquaman, Power Rangers, and Fantastic Four.

This is a sample panel from Star Wars, which is a Teen comic.

What's in a Teen+ Comic Crate?

A Teen+ Comic Crate has comics with detailed artwork, advanced language, violence, and occasional profanity or suggestive themes. Examples of Teen+ comics include Avengers, X-men, Justice League, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman.

This is a sample panel from Incredible Hulk, which is a Teen+ comic.

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